Lovefilm offers the latest films & tv series in the UK online & via DVD – Try it for Free!


Lovefilm UK is an online movie and TV rental service that provides you with over 70,000 titles – including new and old movies, TV shows and video games.

For a low monthly fee, you choose your titles and delivery method. DVD’s can be shipped to your home or you can watch instantly on your computer or through an Internet enabled device such as Xbox 360, Playstation3, Sony TV or iPad  – this is called media streaming. You can also purchase a Lovefilm Player to instantly watch movies if you don’t have an Internet enabled device. There are even a few TV shows you can watch instantly for free!

If you want to try Lovefilm UK, but aren’t ready to make a monthly commitment, you can try this service for free. If you decide you don’t want to continue receiving movies or downloading TV shows, you can cancel at any time by clicking the ‘cancel’ link on your account page.

Games are available for rent for the Xbox 360, Playstation2, Playstation3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS. Rent or buy games directly from the Lovefilm UK website. With many new and old titles, you will be able to play video games for hours at a time if you want.

With five viewing packages to choose from, you decide how often to receive DVD’s or stream them to your computer or television. Packages range in the number of DVD’s you can order at one time and the number of hours you can stream media. You can always upgrade or downgrade your package depending on your current needs.

Like other online movie and TV rental services, Lovefilm UK allows you to keep DVD’s as long as you want. You do not have to pay late fees. Simply return the DVD using the pre-paid postage envelope to receive the next selection on your queue. Move movies and television shows and original series to different positions on your rental list to receive specific titles when you want them.

Lovefilm UK, an Amazon company, founded in 2002, has over 2 million subscribers throughout the UK and other parts of Europe. Providing a variety of new titles and older movies and TV shows, subscribers can choose what to watch by browsing categories or by entering the title into the search box. And even though you won’t find every movie title ever produced, there are thousands of titles to choose from, with new ones being added on a regular basis.

Using this service, you can plan movie nights, entertain guests when hosting a holiday or dinner party or catch up on your favorite TV shows if you haven’t been able to watch them lately. This service allows you to stream media to different devices in your home, so you can watch a movie while your children watch a TV show in a different room. This is a good feature if your family cannot agree on what to watch.

With so many movies, TV shows, and games to choose from, you will have hours of entertainment all within the comfort of your home.

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